Our Mission & Vision

The Set Free Movement’s Mission statement is:

The Set Free Movement champions holistic freedom and seeks to create new futures for survivors and those vulnerable to modern slavery.

The core values are:
1) We are committed to holistic freedom;
2) We are committed to a special preference for the poor;
3) We are committed to collaborative partnerships;
4) We are committed to community-based activism;
5) We are committed to smart action.

Mission statements drive organizations and movements.  Jesus mission statement in Luke 4:18, 19 is also our mission statement – empowered by the Holy Spirit we work to:

1. Preach good news to the poor.

Jesus is the GOOD NEWS and this good news is that God loves us and is working in our world to bring healing and hope. Works of justice are not a separate issue from this good news, but are an integral part of God’s work.

2. Release of the captives.

God wants to set us free physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Ending modern-day slavery is not just about human trafficking – it’s about all of the justice issues. Therefore, we pursue personal and corporate holiness.  We accept God’s freedom and then work to set others free as well.

Poverty is driving human trafficking.  Therefore, we need to examine our lifestyles, actions, and beliefs.  How we live is not separate from what we believe.  Our worship, lifestyles, words, and actions are interconnected.  See also Isaiah 58.

3. Open the eyes of the blind .

People are blind in more than one way.  Speaking prophetically into our culture we challenge systems perpetuating evil.  We want people to wake up to their brokenness and also see the glorious expanse of God’s freedom laid out before them. Of course, we balance this with humility and love.

4. Set the oppressed free.

Jesus focuses on freedom twice – it must be a high value! Jesus sets us free, now we partner with Jesus to set others free.

5. Proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.

As we live out Jesus mission statement, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, God will bring hope and healing to our lives, our families, and our communities.  This year can be the favorable year of the Lord for the poor, the broken, the lonely, and the enslaved as we live out Jesus mission statement.


We proclaim the image of God.

People are not things.  This is the evil driving pornography, racism, domestic violence, human trafficking, etc.  We value people.  We treat all with respect and dignity.

We believe in holistic, integrated action birthed out of a worshiping community.

Smart, effective, sustainable action is rooted in, and flows out of, community. We cannot just program justice; we must live it.

Where we came from. . . .

Leaders in the Free Methodist Church currently oversee the Set Free Movement, website, and specific work.   The Free Methodist Church, with roots in the 19th Century abolitionist movement, are again championing the cause of holistic freedom.  Then, as now, Free Methodists have a special preference for the poor and those who are vulnerable to injustice.  We follow Jesus and believe we are called to bring hope and healing to the world.


Ending modern-day slavery and creating new futures CANNOT be relegated to another program. We will not do what needs to be done by a curriculum alone. Instead, we in the Set Free Movement want to be a catalyst for dialogue, deep reflection, and hope-infused, prayer-filled, smart action.

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